How does the upload process work?

Our file upload procedure is designed for simplicity and efficiency. It eliminates the need for zipped files and additional email communications. This streamlined process has been meticulously engineered to facilitate a swift and effortless experience for users like you.

How do I /create an account?

Please click on “Login/Register” followed by ‘Create An Account’ and fill in your personal info.

How do I order?

Shop for the items you want and add it to your shopping cart. Our system will walk you through step by step from uploading your music file to creating artwork for your disc.

Am I able to create my custom back jacket?

Yes, of course. Using our service you will be able to fully customize not only jacket's front and back but labels too. Plus if you are ordering the photo vinyl disc you would be able to customize both sides of vinyl disc.

Can I amend and cancel my order?

Unfortunately we are unable to cancel an order once it has been placed and we started production. This will allow us to produce your orders efficiently and to minimize errors. It is advisable to check your order before placing it. You have a couple hours to cancel or amend your order after you placed it.

Do you ship overseas?

Yes, we ship overseas. For efficient delivery of your orders we use several mayor domestic and international carries. Your orders always shipped with carrier that provides a tracking number.

Is it possible to transfer my preferred CD or cassette recording onto a vinyl record?

Should you possess a CD or tape of your music, the most straightforward method to reproduce it on vinyl involves converting the tracks into digital files, such as mp3 format ("rip"). After this digitization is complete, you can then utilize our user-friendly upload system to facilitate the creation of your custom vinyl record.

How long will it take to receive my order?

The delivery timeline varies based on your location. For orders please allow a window of 5-7 business days to make it and 5-8 days for arrival. We offer expediting shipping for USA orders only. You can choose your shipping method during the check out. For international shipments, the duration can range between 7-16 days. Detailed information regarding the delivery will be shared in your order confirmation email.

What size photo do I need for a custom vinyl disc?

To ensure the optimal print quality of your vinyl disc jacket, labels and photo disc, we mandate a minimum resolution of 1,000 pixels in both height and width for the labels. However, to achieve superior, high-definition prints, we strongly advocate for jackets and photo disc images possessing at least 3,000 pixels in both dimensions.

As you design your custom jacket, labels and photo disc kindly adhere to the following specifications:

Ensure all textual content and crucial graphical elements maintain a minimum distance of half an inch from the edge of the photo. Due to the bespoke nature of artwork individually printed, perfect alignment between the front and back is almost always feasible. Solid colors tend to align better compared to striped or patterned designs.

To guarantee that the final product aligns with your vision, we refrain from making any additions, such as text or graphics, to your jacket post submission. We request you to incorporate all desired text and graphical elements prior to uploading your jacket design

Can I produce records for commercial use?

If the music for the record is your own original creation and performance, then absolutely, you can create a record!

However, if you intend to use tracks that you've purchased, your ability to create a record is restricted solely to personal use. Copyright law is explicit in this respect: You are permitted to create a compilation or mix of music that you have previously purchased (akin to creating mixtapes or mixed CDs), but it is illegal to subsequently sell this compilation as your own work.